Difference Between toenail and fingernail

Nails are an important part of the body; they are extended from the fingers and toes soft parts. They are made from a strong protein called keratin. While fingernail and toenail add to the aesthetic of hands and feet, their function goes beyond making us look beautiful. These hard externalities are there to protect the soft tissue of the finger tips; they also allow us to exert the right amount of pressure on different surfaces. It increases the pressure exerted by the finger tips and hence acts like a tool for human beings. Nails grow on two parts of the body, the hand and the feet and are subsequently called finger nails and toe nails. Finger and toe nails both are made of the same material that is keratin, this is the same material that is makes the hair. Today nails are just not used for their functionality; women and men around the global take extra care of their finger nails. Nail art, which was once basic and confined to just nail polish, today takes on new heights where you can get funky designs made on your nails, get nail extensions and so much more. There are specialized salons which are entirely dedicated to nails and nail art.

Finger nails are made of protein, they grow from the cuticle, the endothermic is the only place where they are alive, these cells are pushed outwards and they die. New cells replace the old ones and hence a nail grows. Their basic function is to provide protection to the finger tips and prevents them from getting injuries. Finger nails are also an excellent indicator of your health, yes if you keep a close eye to your finger nails you will notice, a change in color, shape and texture when your health is compromised. A healthy human has a smooth, soft finger nail one without lines or ridges, good indication of something wrong with the internal body is when a finger nail discolors (yellow), or gets white spots on it and starts to curl. If your finger nail shows any such signs, a visit to a physician is recommended. The average time taken for a finger nail to grow is six months, and yes it is a misconception, finger nails actually do not grow after death.

Toe nails are an extension of your toes, these nails are harder than finger nails but have the same function, i.e. protection the toes from injuries. Toe nails are prone of getting ingrowths that is when the nail grows towards the soft tissue instead of out. This in growth can be very painful and if not treated properly, can have serious implications like removal of the entire nail. Ingrowths are a result of not trimming nails properly, wearing shoes that are tight from the mouth that is they have less space for the toes and also in case of injuries.

The only big difference between the finger and toe nails is the speed of growth, finger nails take almost six months to grow whereas toe nails take up to a year. This difference may be due to the fact that nails grow faster in heat, summer season and finger nails are more exposed to the sun and light, whereas the feet is almost always in shoes and socks which hampers their growth.