Difference Between Tonic and Syrup

Tonic and syrup are commonplace words in all parts of the world being used to describe various solutions. In general, these words are used in conjunction with medications that are dissolved in water to make up a certain composition. We come across scores of health tonics, vitality tonics and tonics to prevent various ailments. At the same time there are syrups prescribed by health care providers to be consumed to alleviate symptoms of certain diseases. In particular, syrups are more commonly used for treatment of coughs. Let us find out differences between tonics and syrups.


Syrup is however not restricted to medicine world only and in cooking, the word is very commonly used to refer to a thick viscous liquid that contains a high amount of dissolved sugar in such a way that it does not deposit at the bottom. Syrups can be formed by reducing naturally occurring sweet juices like cane juice or sorghum juice or making the solution sticky by adding lots of sugar. Medications for small babies are often added to corn syrup or any other sweet syrup to make it palatable for the child.


Tonic is a term that is commonly used to refer to alternative medicines that are used for vitality, health, and vigor. It can be a treatment for ailments that is a herbal concoction but generally it is a liquid that is consumed by millions worldwide for health, energy and vitality. Whenever people complain to doctors about perceived weaknesses, doctors prescribe these tonics in addition to regular medications. In homoeopathic system of medicines, and also in some Asian cultures, particularly Chinese, tonics are very popular and prescribed to patients when they complaint of ailments.

Difference Between Tonic and Syrup

• Tonics are less sugary than syrups and thus are almost watery in composition whereas syrups are thick and viscous

• Tonics need not be sweet while syrups are traditionally too sugary as their bases are composed of sugars.

• Both tonics and syrups are used for treatment of ailments but syrups are prescribed more for small kids that find them to be palatable than allopathic drugs

• Syrups are also used in many recipes to add flavor and taste

• Tonics are more popular in alternative systems of medicine while syrups are also used in allopath