Difference Between Transport Chair and Wheelchair

Wheelchair and transport chair are common ambulatory devices. For a person who has a disability in legs and cannot walk or move without help, a wheelchair is an ideal companion that allows him to be ambulatory without any difficulty. Disabled people can have a more fulfilling life if they have a wheelchair for help. If you want to buy a wheelchair to make your life easy, you will find that there are two types of devices available in the market. One are the standard wheelchairs while the other kind are known as transport chairs. While both perform similar functions, there are differences that you must know before finalizing one of the two types of ambulatory devices.


A wheelchair is a common ambulatory device that is used by patients who have become weak after a major surgery or have disability that impedes them from moving on their legs. With some support, patients can plant themselves on the seat and then using their upper body strength and their hands, they can propel the chair that has two wheels attached to it. Seat dimensions of a wheelchair are 16 x 18 inches and the device weighs around 35 pounds. The chair is sturdy being made of steel and is easy to operate.

Transport chair

This is a special device that has been designed to provide assistance to those who have problem in their legs and also do not have upper body strength to propel a wheelchair. These chairs are lighter and more compact than standard wheelchairs and need to be pushed by another person once the disabled person has got seated on them.

Differences between wheelchair and transport chair

The biggest difference between a wheelchair and a transport chair is that a person cannot move forward in a transport chair and needs assistance of another person. One advantage with a transport chair is that it is lightweight and smaller in size enabling people to carry them along. On the other hand, a wheelchair is more beneficial for those who can use their hands and upper body to propel the chair without any assistance. Thus a wheelchair provides more freedom in this sense. While a transport chair is customizable as a person can vary arm length and also its style, it is not possible in the case of a wheelchair.