Difference Between Turkey and Chicken (With Table)

Food has always been crucial and a necessity of all living beings, be it animals, humans or even plants. Although there is a variation of food eaten by different organisms. Food provides nutrients and energy to the body which further helps the person in performing activities. Energy is important for all living beings.

There are several animals whose meat is eaten across the world for example; chicken, fish, goat, cow, buffalo, camels, octopus, etc.

Turkey vs Chicken

The main difference between turkey and chicken is their taste and texture. They might seem similar but they have peculiar tastes different from each other. Even their appearance is different from each other.


Comparison Table Between Turkey and Chicken

Parameters of comparison



Feathers on body

Does not have a feathered neck and head.

Has feathered head and neck

Colour of body

Black in colour

Colorful plumage. Male chicken are more colourful


Used for meat

Used for meat and for it’s eggs as well

Color of meat

Dark in colour

Light in colour

Protein content

High protein

Contains relatively less protein


What is Turkey?

Turkey is a game bird, domesticated in large farms, it has bald heads and red wattles. Eating turkey is a popular and traditional choice for festive occasions in thanksgiving and Christmas. They are usually dark in colour, with large body size,they do not have feathers on head and neck. Turkeys are heavier than chicken approximately 15 pounds heavier.

Turkey is descended from North America wild turkey. The origin of turkey is said to be from west unlike chicken.thus it can be seen that turkey meat is common in west than that of east.

Turkey meat is preferable as it has high quality of protein, vitamin B, selenium, zinc and phosphorus. It is recommended for muscle growth, and maintenance. Turkey is extensively used for it’s flesh and not for eggs. In the market there is a wide variety of processed meat available, but it is advisable not to use processed turkey as it would not have similar nutritional values as normal turkey and might contain high levels of salts.

Turkey meat is darker in colour which distinguishes it from chicken, the calorie content of turkey is extremely low. Thus it is recommended for people who are following rich diet protein with low calorie meat.

There are two types of turkey, preferred by people to eat, those are skin on turkey and skinless turkey. Difference between them is that skin on turkey has unsaturated fats and it is delicious as compared to skinless turkey.


What is Chicken?

Chicken is a fowl which is domesticated. Eating chicken is a common practice in indian subcontinent, on regular days. It is said that the origin of chicken is traced from indian subcontinent but there is no certainty of its origin. It is descended from red junglefowl gallus gallus.

Chickens are different in appearance than turkey, they have feathers on neck and head, have colourful plumage, and male chicken are more colourful.

Chicken is protein rich food extensively preferred for muscle growth, other than protein it has potassium, calcium, fats,etc.. Chicken is also used for their eggs which also have high protein.

Eating chicken is not preferred by all, as in India eating flesh is not preferred by some people. They are called vegan.unlike west eating chicken is not auspicious on special occasions (especially in Hinduism). Chicken’s flesh is light in colour and it is even lighter and easy to digest when compared to red meats or lean meats. Chicken helps in muscle growth, promotes heart health, aids weight loss, strengthens bones, etc..

Chicken is heavier than turkey but lighter than red meat. There is a large variety of chicken dishes available in the market. Chicken has its own peculiar taste which enhances the taste of any dish.

Main Differences Between Turkey and Chicken

  1. Turkey is dark in colour usually black while chicken is colourful and the male chicken is even more colourful.
  2. Turkey has more protein as compared to chicken.
  3. Turkey is extensively used for its meat whereas chicken is used for its meat and eggs as well.
  4. Turkey originated from America while chicken originated from India ( although there is no certainty).
  5. Colour of turkey meat is darker whereas the colour of chicken meat is lighter in shade.
  6. Turkey does not have a feathered neck and head whereas chickens have a feathered head and neck.



Turkey and chicken both are animal flesh. Turkey and chicken have differences in their origin, tastes, uses,nutritional values,colour, etc.

Turkey is less available in indian subcontinent. Chicken is available across the world. Their taste might vary from region to region. Anybody looking for protein rich food can jump on turkey or chicken  as they both aid weight loss.

Turkey and chicken both are better options when compared to red meats or lean meats, as they have high protein but less calories, and are easy to digest, when compared to red meats.


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