Difference Between Vitamin C and Ester C

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin which can’t be synthesized within the human physique. Therefore, it’s categorized as an important vitamin and ought to be supplemented in eating regimen. Vitamin C is the precursor of many key molecules comparable to collagen, carnitine, nor epinephrine and many others. The molecule additionally acts as an efficient antioxidant defending the very important molecules comparable to proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids from the impact of free radicals and reactive oxygen species.

The dietary supplements can be found in numerous varieties, ester varieties being the most typical. Ester C is a patented type of Calcium ester of vitamin C. It’s produced by buffering Ascorbate with Calcium. The ester varieties differ of their bioavailability, effectivity and many others. The fats soluble vitamin C ester is completely different from ester C. With the altering surroundings and meals habits the supply of Vitamin C from the pure sources has decreased drastically. Vitamin C is just not saved correctly within the human physique and therefore the consumption within the type of dietary supplements is crucial for optimum well being.

Vitamin C

A mean human eating regimen consists of just one/a hundredth of the quantity of vitamin C that animals make of their physique and additionally get misplaced within the gut throughout digestion. An acute scarcity of vitamin C results in scarcity of collagen and end in scurvy. Most people undergo from continual scarcity leading to atherosclerotic plaques. The vitamin is a cofactor required to take care of sure key enzymes in energetic type. One such is the prolyl hydroxylase required for manufacturing of collagen.

Vitamin C or L- Ascobic acid is the naturally obtainable vitamin present in recent fruits and greens. There are 4 enzymes concerned within the course of of producing ascorbic acid in animals. The gene for the fourth enzyme which converts gulonolactone to ascorbic acid is broken in primates. Ascorbic acid is the foremost protection of all life types of earth towards reactive oxygen species and free radicals. Therefore the vitamin C is an important ingredient in our eating regimen. The capabilities it performs in our physique are huge and consists of most organ techniques.

Vitamin C is poorly absorbed from the mammalian intestine and can’t be synthesized to compensate for the deficiency. The vitamin is non poisonous aside from the gastrointestinal disturbances which present up hardly ever at excessive doses in some folks. There have been researches citing the unwanted side effects of over dosage of vitamin C comparable to kidney stones, impaired Vitamin B12 absorption, extra iron absorption, mobile harm and many others. Nonetheless none of them had enough information or evaluation to show the results past doubt.

Ester C

Ester-C is a patented type of Calcium Ascorbate. The manufacturing course of entails buffering of Ascorbic acid with Calcium. The type of vitamin C is having increased bioavailability.

The system can effectively make the most of a better share of the given dose when in comparison with common ascorbic acid. Ester C is a pH impartial product with Vitamin C metabolites that are pure and facilitate fast absorption. The organic capabilities of ester C are identical as vitamin C. It serves nearly all the principle capabilities comparable to safety of pores and skin, joints and imaginative and prescient, antioxidant properties and many others. The main benefit is that ester C has about three to 4 occasions extra bioavailability than the traditional vitamin C and therefore the necessity for lesser doses.

There are particular disadvantages. The Inter Cal’s methodology of manufacturing of ester C entails heating up the ascorbic acid which leads to the manufacturing of dehydroascorbate (DHA). The DHA in regular cells required to be decreased again to ascorbate for the common functioning. Nonetheless, current research counsel that DHA can defend mitochondrial genome since they’ll enter the mitochondrial membrane. Additionally, the blood mind barrier prevents ascorbate from getting into the mind tissues whereas DHA can enter via the GLUT transporters and transformed again to ascorbate in mind for regular functioning. Attributable to this, DHAs are discovered to guard the neuronal tissue from ischemic stroke. It has sturdy antiviral results additionally.

Difference Between Vitamin C and Ester C

1. Bioavailability- Vitamin C has decrease bioavailability in comparison with Ester C.

2. Price -Ester C is relatively costlier compared with vitamin C.

3. Organic perform– Each Vitamin C and ester C perform the organic capabilities with out a lot important variations.

4. Supply– Vitamin C is of course obtainable in recent fruits and greens whereas ester C requires a patented manufacturing course of which attributes to the price issue.

5. Components- Vitamin C incorporates solely the pure L ascorbic acid whereas ester C has traces of Dehydroascorbate, calcium threonate, lyxonate and xylonate.

6. Absorption – There isn’t a important distinction within the absorption of each molecules.

7. Excretion– Each will get excreted with out a lot distinction within the price and metabolic course of.

8. Dosage– Excessive doses are required for vitamin C to take care of the optimum well being and bioavailability, nevertheless, the upper dose have an effect on the anticoagulants comparable to warfarin and some laboratory checks.

9. Security – vitamin C over dosage has been proven to provide signs comparable to diarrhoea. Ester C is contraindicated in chemotherapy sufferers


Evaluating all of the important options of a drug such because the parameters in absorption, metabolism and elimination, there are professionals and cons for each the merchandise. The best selection will depend on the mandatory consumption as analyzed out of your meals sample and age by a medical skilled. Vitamin C being pure is protected complement. Using ester C ought to be in extreme instances the place the gastrointestinal issues are intense and require a fast acquire within the homeostatic degree. Each Vitamin C and ester C has proved to be efficient towards LDLs in atherosclerotic lesions.