Difference Between Wax Paper and Baking Paper (With Table)

The invention of paper has made our life so much easier. And thanks to the creativity and all the innovations made by mankind that today we can see several types of papers with different uses for each.

However, two kinds of paper are wax paper and baking paper. Both these papers are different and are used for separate uses whether it is used in the kitchen or for some designing purposes. These papers have got different characteristics, costs, uses, materials, and such things.

Wax Paper vs Baking Paper

The main difference between Wax Paper and Baking Paper is that wax paper has got wax in them and users must be cautious because wax papers are not suitable to use in the oven whereas baking paper can be used for more purposes than wax paper.

Baking paper is also known as parchment paper and has got a silicone coating in it. The purpose of the silicone coating is not to let substances get stuck in the paper. Well, the baking paper has another important characteristic and that is being resistant to heat.

Comparison Table Between Wax Paper and Baking Paper

Parameters of  Comparison

Wax Paper

Baking Paper

Coated with

Wax paper is coated with paraffin or with a soybean coating.

The baking paper has got a silicone coating in them.

Used in

Wax paper is mostly used for wrapping or it can be also used for storing purposes.

Baking paper is mostly used for baking purposes as the name suggests ‘bake’.


Wax papers are preferred only because of their storing capability. Say for example the paper used to wrap butter can be stored in refrigerator but cannot be kept in an oven.

Bakers prefer using baking paper because of the silicone coating in it which helps preventing stickiness.


Wax papers are not that strong when compared with baking paper.

Baking papers are quite strong and they are made with strong paper fibres.

Oven Used

Wax paper cannot be used in an oven because wax paper is moisture-resistant and it is non-stick and it could even catch fire.

Baking paper is quite strong and does not allow fire to catch them. It can be used for oven purposes.

What is Wax Paper?

Wax paper is a type of paper that is made for moisture-proof and it is mainly used for storing purposes. As the name goes the wax papers have actually got wax in them and users must note that you cannot use this item for oven purposes.

Using it for oven purposes can lead to catching of fire. However, this does not mean that wax paper does not have other uses because it has plenty of uses. Wax papers are used for wrapping food items, storing sandwiches, and also for opening containers.

The manufacturing process of wax paper and baking paper are quite different from each other. Different materials are used for making each type of paper. As it is said earlier that wax paper cannot be used for oven purposes because wax papers have got wax coating in them.

Wax papers go through a process called supercalendaring. Well, supercalendaring is a process of compressing a paper and making it more transparent. Well, after this process is complete, wax papers are coated with soybean wax or paraffin wax. However, if you compare the cost of each kind of paper then the baking paper is much costlier than wax paper.

What is Baking Paper?

Well, baking paper, on the other hand, is used for baking purposes. Baking paper can be used in the oven for cooking too because baking papers are stronger than wax papers and they are fire-resistant. Baking paper can have the ability to withstand heat of 420 degrees F. However, if you have purchased a baking paper then you have to check the heat threshold because different brands have got different heat strengths.

Baking paper can also be used for wrapping purposes too and the paper can be also served as a cooking lining so that you do not have to put any grease on them additionally. However, some recipes can be cooked without the help of containers because baking paper can do a lot because of its strong heat withstanding capability.

Baking papers are made using strong fiber and the baking paper goes through an acid dip before everything is cleansed. However, baking paper’s end result happens after going through further steps because the paper pass through rotating drums that help improve the strength of the fiber. After all those things are done it is time to put silicone coating in it.

Well, when you compare the manufacturing process of wax paper and baking paper then baking paper requires much longer steps and maybe this is the reason why baking papers are not available at a cheap price.

Main Differences Between Wax Paper and Baking Paper

  1. Wax paper has got a paraffin coating or a soybean coating in it whereas a baking paper is coated with silicone.
  2. Wax paper cannot be used in an oven as it is not a heat resistant and could catch fire easily while, baking paper can be used in an oven because it has heat resistant capability.
  3. Wax paper is mostly used for wrapping and storing purposes, whereas, baking paper can be used for wrapping and as well as for cooking purposes.
  4. Baking papers are made up of paper fibers and are quite strong than wax papers.
  5. Baking papers are more expensive than wax papers.


Both wax paper and baking paper have advantages and disadvantages and both these papers are widely used all over the world. Well, bakers will prefer using baking paper to bake but the same baker can also use wax paper to store food too. So, both papers are necessary in our life.


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