Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

It has become common for people to talk about web designing and web development in the same breath. But these are different, though related concepts. It is prudent to know the differences between web design and web development especially when you are planning to have a website of your own. This article will explain the two terms in layman’s terms to enable you to question the person making your site and get what you really want in your web site.

Web Designing

If you look closely the terms give a clue to what they mean. Web design really pertains to its looks and features that are more concerned with how the end user sees them. There are millions of sites on the net and in a sea of sites, you would definitely like to have a site that looks beautiful and distinct from others depending on your requirements. This is that part of making a website that is artistic in nature and relates with aspects that are pleasing to eyes. Essentially web design is the aesthetic part of making a web site and consists of look and feel of the site. Web design is the front end of a website that concerns the end consumer that is the surfers.

Web Development

Web development on the other hand refers to the back end of a web site and consists of all the programming and software that got into making a website smooth and navigable. The primary objective of web development is to develop a site in such a manner that a surfer feels at ease and gets a pleasing experience while being on the site and gets all the information that he desires. This requires considerable skills of the website developer as this is a work that is unseen by the end consumer but is equally important in making a website. Web development requires impeccable knowledge of computer languages such as Java, ASP, PHP, Coldfusion and so on. Any person making a website needs to be well proficient in HTML as this is the language in which any web page is written. He must have in depth knowledge of all the tools that go into making a web page that has a clean interface that is also perceived as easy and pleasing.

In brief:

Web designing vs Web development

• Web designing and web development are two different but integral parts of making a website

• While web design pertains to front end of a website, web development pertains to back end of a website

• Web design is all about making a site more presentable and good looking whereas web development refers to the tools that are essential for making a website workable.

• Web design is artistic in nature whereas web development requires in depth knowledge of computer languages.