Difference Between Webcast and Podcast

Webcast vs Podcast

This is the age of multimedia and internet and words like Webcast and Podcast are becoming popular with each passing day. There are similarities in Webcast and Podcast which is why people think they are same but there are major differences also which will be highlighted in this article. Webcast is a live broadcast of a media file through a website that can be accessed by millions at the same time all over the world. On the other hand Podcast is not live streaming of media. In fact it is non streaming Webcast (similar to a series of blogs) that has take the name of Podcast because of the popularity of iPod.

Webcast is a special event organized by a website or a group of websites whereas Podcast is released episode wise and downloaded to media players through internet. For podcasting, a listener needs to employ software called podcatcher that helps him to access this broadcast. He can keep track of all the broadcast and check for updates using this podcatcher, and download whenever he desires. Files so downloaded remain in the computer of the user and he can use them for offline purposes through his iPod or any other media player. The most common formats used in Podcast are MP3 and Ogg Vorbis. Podcast is different from Webcast as it is not live streaming and is in fact streaming of serial episodes like in the case of books or serials on TV.

Simply speaking, Webcast is broadcasting on internet. It can be live, or on demand. YouTube and other websites have popularized Webcast by broadcasting premiers of movies and sporting events which people can watch when they do not have access to TV. Webcast must be differentiated with web conferencing as there is no interaction between different people at the same time. Today all major broadcasters like CNN, BBC, and CNBC etc have arrangement of Webcast. Today people are using this service to broadcast even private ceremonies such as weddings and funeral for the benefit of friends and family who cannot attend the function.

Webcast and Podcast

• Podcast and Webcast are popular means to provide media files using internet

• Podcast are files placed on the web that are distributed at a fee so that anyone who subscribes to the feed can access them and download whenever he so desires and uses them for offline purposes.

• Webcast is live streaming of media files using a website that can be seen by millions in all over the world by clicking on the URL of the site.

• Webcast is live streaming whereas Podcast is not live streaming