Difference Between WordPress and Blogspot

WordPress vs Blogspot

One of the most entertaining and exciting hobbies of recent times is to set up and maintain your own blog writing articles and sharing and voicing your opinion on a variety of issues. This is akin to having a profile on social networking platforms, the only difference being it creates an identity of yours apart from the site and allows you to be creative in a variety of ways. There are two major platforms for budding writers in the form of WordPress and Blogspot and both have their own features and pros and cons. People remain confused as they are not aware of the differences between the two. This article will highlight the features of the two blogging tools to enable people to make up their minds.

There are people who take up writing as a hobby and are not worried about money or the number of visitors they receive daily. They just sit down and start typing without giving a damn to commercial interests. For such people, Blogspot is a better option as it is fun to set up and start using. However, if money is your primary concern and you are writing to attract visitors to sell something or to promote a product WordPress is the way to go as it has many SEO benefits. It is free and there are many ways to personalize your blog on WordPress. What is great is that you host it on your own server and have your own URL. You also have much more control over structure, plugins, layout and code when using WordPress.

Blogspot does not contain themes and plugins as much as WordPress but it is still very popular among amateur writers because of ease of use. Blogspot is a ready to use service from Google that hosts your blog. WordPress on the other hand is software that needs to be installed on some web server. If you want something quick and easy to start writing as a hobby, Blogspot is better. However, if you are looking for a more customizable blog with SEO benefits, WordPress is the way to go.


• Both WordPress and Blogspot are free blogging platforms

• Blogspot is owned by Google.

• Bloogspot does not give much control to bloogers which is possible in WordPress

• There is better choice of themes and plugins in WordPress

• If you want it easy, go for Blogspot, but if you want complicated that offers more control, go for WordPress.