Difference Between Yaz and Beyaz

The advent of oral contraceptive pills marks one of the clear way of positive female reproductive health and child care. It meant that there is a reduced requirement for the need of a barrier method between two consenting regular adult partners, in reducing the risk of pregnancy. This method manipulates the hormonal cycle of the female reproductive system to bring an alteration in the normal, smooth functioning of the ovum and endometrium.

The most prominent hormone is the progestigens, which equate to the female progesterone, and continuous supply of this hormone meant that a negative feedback has been brought about on the pulsatility of the GnRH hormone of the hypothalamus. This reduces the FSH needed to stimulate the follicles in the ovum, also reduces the LH level thus depressing the surge, which is required for the ovulation. Also, there is a reduction of the viscosity of the cervix, thus reducing the penetrable power of the sperm. The newer combined contraceptive pill (COCP) is a mixture of oestrogens and progestigens, which brings about a near normal chemical balance between the hormones and oestrogen. Also, it has shown to have a contraceptive effect, as well. The following passages will discuss two of the COCP brands and how they differ from each other.


Yaz is a chemical mixture of drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol. Thus, these chemicals cause the inhibition of ovulation and make the cervix non permissive to the passage of spermatozoa. The main indication of this drug would be the prevention of pregnancy as well as the use as a pharmacological agent to battle against dysfunctional uterine bleeding and dysmenorrhea. Before prescribing this drug, the cardiovascular risk, heptopathological risk, psychological health, and seizure disorder risk needs to be assessed and is usually contraindicated in those with allergies to these substances, clotting disorder, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, CVD, liver disease, gall stones, etc. The major side effects associated are birth defects in fetuses, aggravation of cardiovascular diseases, migraine, stomach pain, nausea, depression etc.


Beyaz is a chemical mixture of drosperinone, ethinyl estradiol and folate supplementation. The basic mechanism of contraception is the same as that of any COCP, and the risks and contraindications associated with Beyaz are the same as any COCP. It is best avoided in those with a tendency to develop blood clots, heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, liver disease and gall bladder disease. This drug has a reduced profile of birth defects due to the presence of folate supplementation.

What is the difference between Yaz and Beyaz?

• In comparison, Yaz and Beayaz are the same in its chemical mechanisms of action, the cautions, contraindications and side effects.

• Both are COCPs and are used in the same manner under the supervision of a doctor with prior, adequate physical examination.

• Clotting and cardiovascular risks are the main negative points. But Beyaz is different due to the presence of folate and cover it confers in preventing foetal birth defects.

• Though it is a minor difference, the outcome of that difference is evident in the physical, psychological and social well being of the mother and the family.