Difference Between YouTube TV and Sling (With Table)

YouTube TV and Sling provide streaming services with different pictures. Both YouTube TV and Sling offer many live channels. The cloud DVR of YouTube TV is better than the sling. You can choose the best plan for YouTube TV and sling to claim its benefits. Sling is less expensive as compared to YouTube TV.

The notable difference between YouTube TV and sling is their price variations. The services offered by YouTube TV are unlimited, whereas slings provide services for a limited period.

YouTube TV vs Sling

The main difference between YouTube TV and Sling is that YouTube TV is expensive and provides many channels. On the other hand, Sling is budget-friendly and would have less number of channels. Both YouTube TV and Sling have different plans that customers can choose and use.

YouTube TV is popular for its cloud DVR and unlimited services to customers. YouTube TV charges no extra money for the cloud DVR. The users of YouTube TV get access to all the movies streaming on live channels without any extra fees for it. YouTube TV services are not limited. This means the user can enjoy the benefits without any time restriction. For example, if you take a YouTube TV subscription, then for nine months, you can enjoy the benefits without any limits.

Sling is better for you if you like to spend less on streaming services. The plans available in a sling are limited but come at less price. There are two types of sling plans, and you can choose the best one for you. The plan price of Sling Orange and Sling Blue is similar. Users can go for the best Sling package if they want both Sling Blue and Sling orange in one go. The best Sling package offers you more than 50 live channels.

Comparison Table Between YouTube TV and Sling

Parameters of Comparison        

YouTube TV



YouTube TV is used worldwide for its features.

Sling TV is less popular than YouTube TV.


Expensive than Sling      

Less expensive than YouTube TV


Unlimited services for a specific period

Limited services for a specific period

  Live channels                

More than 50        

More than 100

  Premium channels   

More premium channels

Fewer premium channels

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is the best choice for exploring all kinds of channels. You have to pay more for a YouTube TV subscription than Sling. YouTube TV covers many local, premium, and sports channels. The users can see live channels without any time limit till the subscription expires. The Cloud DVR of YouTube TV is impeccable.

The video resolution of YouTube TV is 720p which is the best for clarity of pictures. People who are looking for unlimited streaming services would find YouTube TV helpful. YouTube includes many movies, even if they are not in demand. The premium channels available on YouTube TV are not present in Sling channels.

YouTube originals are available on YouTube TV. The sports channel coverage of YouTube TV is not that good. You would find many sports channels, but Sling has better channel options for sports. Channels such as TNT, AMC, and Syfy are available on YouTube TV.

YouTube TV doesn’t have any specific add-ons for sports channels. YouTube TV users can access around 391 local channels.

What is Sling?

Sling is commonly used for its pricing and plans. You would get three types of plan choices for Sling. Sling has a time limit for the users to access the channels. This means, for every subscription, the user is provided with a specific number of hours for accessing the channels. Sling has less number of premium channels but has good service for sports channels.

People can choose to add-ons for sports channels in Sling. The price of plans for a Sling subscription is less than YouTube TV. Slings don’t show old movies that are not in demand. Sling is not a competition of YouTube TV when it comes to premium channels. Offline viewing facilities are not present in Sling. Sling has no specific subscriptions or plans for up-gradation.

The sling comes with a video resolution of around 720p. Using Sling is easy as you can read the instruction on your screen to use it. Some compatible devices don’t allow Sling. These devices such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 are not compatible with Sling services.

Olympic channels are not present in Sling, which is a disadvantage for Olympic lovers. Golf lovers would find YouTube TV better than Sling as it doesn’t have golf channels.

Main Differences Between YouTube TV and Sling

  1. YouTube TV is a better option for premium channels, whereas Sling runs well for sports channels.
  2. YouTube TV is expensive, whereas Sling streaming services are affordable.
  3. YouTube streaming services are unlimited, whereas Sling has limitations for the services.
  4. YouTube TV is more popular for providing many channels, whereas Sling is popular for its price and plan types.
  5. YouTube TV is compatible with PlayStation 4 and 5. On the other hand, Sling is not compatible with PlayStation 4 and 5.


YouTube TV and Sling both are good for streaming services. The main difference between YouTube TV and Sling is their channels and plans availability. The number of channels on YouTube TV is more than Sling. Both YouTube TV and Sling have a good picture or video quality. YouTube TV is an excellent streaming service for its premium channel coverage.

In Sling, only on-demand movies are played, but YouTube TV covers almost all the movies. YouTube TV is compatible with more devices than Sling. YouTube doesn’t offer add-ons for sports channels which is a disadvantage for YouTube TV. The unlimited services of YouTube TV make it better than Sling.

In YouTube TV, the users should not pay extra money for additional channels, but Sling has extra money for add-ons. In the battle between YouTube TV and Sling, the winner is YouTube TV for extra features.


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