Differences Between Whiteheads and Blackheads

Whiteheads and Blackheads are two types of skin disease among human which are formally known in the medical world as Acne vulgaris. Collectively, these two are refer as comedones. Whiteheads and Blackheads typically appear on the face and neck of individuals upon reaching adolescence stage.


Whiteheads (also known as close comedo) are called as such due to the white skin that covers the pores in the face or neck and are typically small in size. Majority of those having whiteheads tend to pop it due to the sensation they’re getting from it since they are small and annoying. Popping whiteheads with the use of fingers may lead to more whiteheads and even skin inflammatory infections.


Blackheads are another type of skin disease also known as open comedo. Its color may vary from yellowish to blackish bumps in the side of the nose and sometimes above the nose also. A myth exists saying that blackheads appear because of hygiene problems of the individuals. But the doctors proved it wrong since the actual reason for blackheads is the excess oil production of a certain gland in skins.

Differences Between Whiteheads and Blackheads

Medically, whiteheads and blackheads are collectively known as comedones, the singular form is comedo which can either be open comedo (Blackheads) or close comedo (Whiteheads). The whiteheads are commonly caused by the clogged pores of the skin due to improper washing of the face. Blackheads, on the other hand, are caused by the excessive oil and/or wax production of the sebaceous glands in the skin which supposedly helps in lubricating the skin as well as the hairs. The color of the whiteheads is white for it’s a skin that covers the pores. Blackheads can either be blackish or yellowish in color.

Whiteheads and blackheads are a total disgrace for the teens during adolescence. In the past, it’s very troublesome removing them. Good thing though that the technology keeps on developing new products such as blackheads/whiteheads extractors, exfoliating liquids and other cleansing products to cure the acne.

In brief:

• Whiteheads are close comedo while blackheads are open comedo. Collectively they are known as comedones.

• Improper washing of the face is the typical cause of whiteheads making the pores being clogged. The blackheads on the other hand are caused by excess oil that the sebaceous glands in the skin are producing.

• Whiteheads are commonly found in the cheeks of the face and on the foreheads while blackheads are commonly found at the side of the nose and upper lip region.