What is the Difference Between Hymen Blood and Period Blood

The key difference between hymen blood and period blood is that hymen blood is released by the split of the hymen in females while period blood is released during the start of the menstruation/period.

Female reproductive health is very important and shows much complexity. The hymen is the protective tissue lining the end of the vagina. There are many cultural conceptions involved with hymen and period blood. However, in a scientific context, both types of bleeding cannot be generalized to all women as they can be a result of varied reasons – biological, physical, and/or chemical agents.


1. Overview and Key Difference
2. What is Hymen Blood
3. What is Period Blood
4. Similarities – Hymen Blood and Period Blood
5. Hymen Blood and Period Blood in Tabular Form
6. Summary – Hymen Blood vs Period Blood

What is Hymen Blood?

Hymen blood is the blood resulting from the splitting of the hymen. This type of bleeding may take place when a female has sexual intercourse for the first time or sometimes following extensive sporting activities. The hymen is the tissue that is placed at the vaginal end. It is protected by the labia and has an elastic-like property where it expands during sexual intercourse. Some women bleed during the hymen split, while some do not. Hence, the occurrence of hymen blood cannot be generalized. Hymen blood may also occur from vaginal infection. Hymen blood is usually very bright in color, and bleeding does not take place for a number of consecutive days. This blood is also very thin.

Figure 01: Female Genital System

The shape and size of the hymen may vary. Some have a half-moon shape, while some have a ring shape. Hence, the opening of the hymen may also vary. Some females have an inborn error where the hymen is imperforate, which makes menstruation, urination, and bowel motions difficult.

What is Period Blood?

Period blood, also known as vaginal blood, is the blood from menstruation. All females experience menstruation from puberty to menopause. Period blood is thicker and has a darker color as it also contains remnants of the endometrial wall. Period bleeding lasts for about 4 -7 days in women. If the cycle takes place accurately, period bleeding takes place every 28 days in women starting from puberty.

Figure 02: Menstrual Cycle

A period is also known as the first day of the menstrual cycle. During menstruation, shedding of the lining of the woman’s uterus along with the unfertilized egg takes place. In any case, where fertilization has taken place, menstruation is halted. The regulation of menstruation is facilitated by the involvement of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.

What are the Similarities Between Hymen Blood and Period Blood?

  • They are related to the female reproductive system.
  • Both are involved in the release of blood to the exterior.
  • Both types of phenomena cannot be generalized.
  • Moreover, hormonal activities play an important role in both types of phenomena resulting in bleeding.
  • Sanitary napkins are used in both phenomena as a protective measure.

What is the Difference Between Hymen Blood and Period Blood?

Hymen blood release happens once by the splitting of the hymen. Period blood release happens once in 28 days due to the menstruation process. Thus, this is the key difference between hymen blood and period blood. The cause of hymen splitting can be a physical cause, while period blood release is a natural process that takes place in all women. Moreover, hymen blood is thin and bright red in color while period blood is thick and dark red in color.

The below infographic presents the differences between hymen blood and period blood in tabular form for side by side comparison.

Summary – Hymen Blood vs Period Blood

Hymen blood and period blood symbolize two types of bleeding that occur in women. Hymen blood release takes place following the splitting of the hymen, either during sexual intercourse for the first time or due to any physical stretching. Period blood is the blood release that takes place due to the menstruation process. Period blood may also contain the remnants of the endometrial wall and the unfertilized eggs. While hymen blood release is a one-time occurrence, period blood release takes place every 28 days in healthy women from puberty to menopause. So, this is the summary of the difference between hymen blood and period blood.